mime types

Does anyone know how to get epiphany to open a texmacs file with texmacs
rather then ask me to download it or save as?

I would also like to be able to specify the helper application for pdf
files but can not see how to do it.

I thought that nautilus settings were used by Epiphany and I have
nautilus opening texmacs files with with texmacs and pdf file with the
application I want but Epiphany does not pick up these settings.

Any help is appreciated. I am on a Debian unstable, AMD64, system.

Dr. Robert J. Jerrard, Professor of Mathematics,
Concordia University College of Alberta,
7128 Ada Blvd., Edmonton, Alberta, T5B 4E4, Canada.
Phone: 780-479-9291, Fax: 780-474-1933.

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