Re: Saving Session w/ Multiple Independently Positioned Terminals

Allan Gottlieb wrote:
At Thu, 18 Sep 2008 23:28:12 -0400 Bob Barrett <bobbrrtt earthlink net> wrote:

I want ~12 desktops with one or two terminal windows on each. I want
all of these to appear in a specific organization when I login. I know
about gnome-session-save and I've played around a bit with
--sm-client-id and such but I'm not making much progress.

Can someone please explain to me how to launch multiple independently
positioned terminals and save that session. What gnome-terminal
arguments do I want to use so that gnome-session-save does the right

This seems like such a simple thing to want to do. I must be doing
something wrong.
Pls advise,
I, too, would like to know how to save multiple open terminals as part
of a saved session. Since Mike's request is two months old and there
have been no responses, should we accept that it cannot be done?

I, typically, run the default setup of four desktops. I usually have
two xterms open on each of three of those desktops. When I exit Gnome,
and return, only one or two of those six terminals open. It's only a
minor irritation. It doesn't take long to reopen the other four, but
why doesn't gnome-session-save work for the terminals? I don't mind
manually editing configuration files, if I knew the syntax to use.
I haven't mentioned which Gnome release I have, because I'm in KDE,
and this has always been the case as far back as I can remember.

There's much to like about Gnome, but I usually put all six xterms to
work when I'm in X. It's more often KDE because of this.

It would be greatly appresiated if someone would let Mike and me in on
the secret.

What I do is have one extra item in my session: a shell script.
This script launches a bunch of apps

To get them in the right place on the right desktop is a window
manager thing.  Presumably a powerful wm like sawfish would do it.
Certainly e did it when I used that.

Now that I use metacity (the gnome default) I use an add-on program
called devilspie which allows me to have various apps appear in
various desktops.

gnome-list mailing list
gnome-list gnome org

Thanks, Allan. I'll try all three.


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