Re: Saving Session w/ Multiple Independently Positioned Terminals

At Thu, 18 Sep 2008 23:28:12 -0400 Bob Barrett <bobbrrtt earthlink net> wrote:

>> I want ~12 desktops with one or two terminal windows on each. I want
>> all of these to appear in a specific organization when I login. I know
>> about gnome-session-save and I've played around a bit with
>> --sm-client-id and such but I'm not making much progress.
>> Can someone please explain to me how to launch multiple independently
>> positioned terminals and save that session. What gnome-terminal
>> arguments do I want to use so that gnome-session-save does the right
>> thing?
>> This seems like such a simple thing to want to do. I must be doing
>> something wrong.
>> 2008-09-18
>> Pls advise,
>> Mike
> I, too, would like to know how to save multiple open terminals as part
> of a saved session. Since Mike's request is two months old and there
> have been no responses, should we accept that it cannot be done?
> I, typically, run the default setup of four desktops. I usually have
> two xterms open on each of three of those desktops. When I exit Gnome,
> and return, only one or two of those six terminals open. It's only a
> minor irritation. It doesn't take long to reopen the other four, but
> why doesn't gnome-session-save work for the terminals? I don't mind
> manually editing configuration files, if I knew the syntax to use.
> I haven't mentioned which Gnome release I have, because I'm in KDE,
> and this has always been the case as far back as I can remember.
> There's much to like about Gnome, but I usually put all six xterms to
> work when I'm in X. It's more often KDE because of this.
> It would be greatly appresiated if someone would let Mike and me in on
> the secret.

What I do is have one extra item in my session: a shell script.
This script launches a bunch of apps

To get them in the right place on the right desktop is a window
manager thing.  Presumably a powerful wm like sawfish would do it.
Certainly e did it when I used that.

Now that I use metacity (the gnome default) I use an add-on program
called devilspie which allows me to have various apps appear in
various desktops.


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