Help about develop mount smb share in application

Hi, guys,
      I'm developing some application, which will help the user to mount/umount/retrieve samba shares on GNOME desktop.
      We want the appearance just like "connect to server..." behavour in GNOME, a mounted volume will be displayed on the desktop.
      For example, there's a server "", and samba share "public". I want a mounted volume displayed on the user's desktop, just like the user click "connect to server..." on the places in the menu.

      In previously version before gnome 2.20, I use gconf libraray to do this kind of work.
      But gconf library doesnot work after GNOME 2.22.

      What kind of API do you suggest that  I can use to implement this function? 

      I want to use some high level API, may can avoid the change of GNOME's change.


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