Shutting off graphical ssh agent?

I'm running an up-to-date version of Gnome on a Debian Lenny
system. Until a recent upgrade, when I launched an ssh command
from the command line, I would get a typical ssh password
request on the command line (unless I was running ssh-agent
myself). However, I am now getting a pop-up window that reads
"Enter password to unlock private key. An application wants
access to the private key 'id_rsa', but it is locked". I first
have to kill this window before getting back to the command

How do I turn off this behavior? The only items in the Gnome
menus that would appear like they could control it are
"Encryption and Keyrings" and "Keyring manager", but neither
seems to do this. And commenting out "use-ssh-agent" from
/etc/X11/Xsession.options also doesn't work. I just want to
use the command line here, I don't want Gnome deciding whether
I should be using an ssh-agent or not, and I don't want to
have to reach for the mouse every time I run ssh to tell Gnome
not to.


Jesse Sheidlower

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