debugging menu creation

I'm having a problem with getting certain menu launcher files auto
detected by gnome and added to the menu bars. The launchers are
created by wine for applications that are installed.

The expectation was that if the files are created in the correct
format under ~/.local/share/applications/, they should appear in my

They aren't, and I can't seem to determine why. The files look correct
(wine appears to be doing its job in creation of the launchers), but
for some reason they are not appearing in the menu.
Even after a restart the launchers do not appear in the Applications
menu under the

I haven't manage to locate instructions on what to run and what
options to use in order to see what is happening after the files are
detected by gnome's menu system. Nor have I determined any logs that I
could look through. Would appreciate being pointed towards either.

Darragh Bailey
"Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool"

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