Printing problem in gnome

I currently run an HP zv6203cl laptop running Arch Linux, which has an Athlon 64 3200+ socket 939 CPU, an ATI Mobility Radeon 200M GPU, 1GB of memory, and an 80GB hard disk.  I have set up remote printing via CUPS on this laptop, and I can print a test page and print via the terminal to the remote printer.  However, whenever I try to access a print dialog in applications such as gedit, firefox, openoffice, the applications freeze, and when these programs are run from the terminal, no output denoting any errors comes up in the terminal.  The computer that has the printer locally attached also runs gnome on Arch Linux and has an nvidia 7900GTO graphics card, and does not have this issue.

The freezing issue is present when I use either the open source ATI driver, the proprietary driver, or vesa, so I know that the issue is not related to my laptop's GPU, and could most definitely be a GNOME-related issue.  Thanks!

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