Re: Gnome-panel data?

Andrea Vettorello wrote:
On Feb 19, 2008 5:30 PM, David A. Cobb<superbiskit cox net>  wrote:
Andrea Vettorello wrote:
On Feb 11, 2008 6:23 PM, David A. Cobb<superbiskit cox net>   wrote:

Because of an occasion when my screen resolution changed and screwed up
the geometry of the panels, I've had the notification and networking
icons move from where they "belong"  They don't respond to the usual
moving actions (middle-mouse).

Would someone please advise me where the geometry data for the panels is

I would say in your gconf (apps/panel/applets),
I would say that too. But modifying it doesn't seem to help. Do I have
to wait until I next log in?

That was it! When next I logged in, the pair of icons had moved back to a "reasonable" place at 800 (/1024). They both seem to be expressions of the same applet, because they moved together and I only changed one setting.
  In any case, it is not obvious which
entries relate to which panel icon. Especially because only the
notification area has a useful name (applet-1 isn't all that helpful).

Here the applets have an entry "bonobo_iid" with their name.

The icons that are out of place do not seem to match any of the listed
items. One has "tooltip" "Wired Network Connection", the other simply
   but before that check
if the applets are locked to their current position (right click on
And therein lies the problem. These icons do not present a "normal"
context menu. The "offline" icon offers to "Show contact list," the
other to "Enable networking."

My guess is you are looking at icons in your tray applet
(NetworManager maybe
That would make sense, given the tool-tips. I don't know the "tray" from any other part of the panel.

, the other I've no idea).
You can have a list of the running applets using the system monitor
(or the ps command, "ps x | grep OAFIID")...
Thank you, that should also help in future.

Problem solved. Thanks again.

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