Ubuntu cannot find my WLAN

Hello; is this the place and manner of getting some help? I've tried two Linux forums but it seems nobody knows how to fix my problem.
This is the situation:
I installed Ubuntu a few days ago on a new laptop which has Vista.
If I boot into Vista, it is instantly online to my WLAN.
If I boot into Ubuntu, I cannot make it show the available WLANS (although once it did work).  A netbook machine with Debian has no problem connecting to my WLAN.
How can I make it show up the available WLANs please? I would expect it to ask for my 10-digit WLAN security code as the netbook did, and put me online.
If I right-click the icon in the taskbar, next to the volume control, and choose "about" then it says "NetworkManager Applet 0.7.0 and has a URL which, if I type it into another computer, appears to be incorrect, so instead I tried http://www.gnome.org/ and found the page with this Email Addy.

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