Re: Simple way to debug gnome hang during startup?


Sorry for only replying now, and many thanks for your response.  It got lost in the maelstrom that is my email account which is why I'm only replaying now.

Anyway, to answer your question, it's not Fedora, it's Ubuntu (I included a link to the exchange on Launchpad in my original email where you can see all the details and logs and things.) 

As you can see, I've eventually made a similar suggestion to what you made below, and had them copy the .xsession-errors log from a VT after attempting to log into Gnome.  I'm still having to review/decipher the log messages, if anyone a bit more familiar with gnome's startup logs can have a peek and comment as appropriate I'd much appreciate it.  (I also had them start "gnome-session" manually from an xterm, by having them create a .xsession file with "xterm" in it.)

Many thanks and regards,


2008/12/4 Leslie Satenstein <lsatenstein yahoo com>
What version of Fedora?  Can you log with a virtual console?

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