Re: Where does gnome keep display resolution

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
This is on Centos 5.2, Gnome 2.16.0

/etc/X11/xorg.conf does not have any display resolution values, yet

I was privately told this is NOT a gnome question, but an xorg.conf item.

Well, it is clear from System>Administration>Display that I have set the Monitor type to LCD panel 1024x768. Yet there is nothing in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf showing this. Thus this information is held in some other file that this gnome applet is maintaining. What is that file?

In System > Administration > Display

There I have set Monitor type to LCD Panel 1024x768 and settings tab shows 1024x768. Where is this information stored?

In System > Preferences > Screen Resolution

There is a different selection of resolution values. Where is this information stored?

I am having problems on one system that is using OpenChrome. I can set the Monitor type to 1024x768 and get this for the external display but not internal. I go and edit the xorg.conf file, and then I only get 800x600 resolution. So I am trying to learn where all the information is kept to figure out what is getting stepped on....

Thank you.

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