change gnome-power-manager FAQ


I noticed something strange in the gnome-power-manager FAQ
<>. I see in the question
“GNOME Power Manager doesn't spin down my hard-drive!” the answer:

A disk on Low Power idle need less than 1 Watt per hour. For a normal
battery with 50000mWh you could run the harddisk for over 50 hours.

But, what is a “Watt per hour”. I guess the unit would be [W/h] ...
Since the Power (in Watts) is defined as an amount of energy consumed
during a period of time (1W = 1J/s), it implies that the hard dirk
consumes something like 1/3600 J/s² ... I would define this as an
acceleration of a consumption of energy. Really strange.
It the corresponding unit is [W.h] it just represent a finite a

I guess that if a 50Wh battery is powering the hard disk for 50 hours,
and if the hard disk always consumes the same amount of power, I would
guess that the hard disk consumes 1 Watt, not 1 Watt per hour. Am I
correct ?


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