Re: Synergy and Gnome typing monitor?

skip pobox com wrote:
At work I use Synegy with the Solaris Java Desktop System (essentially
Gnome-something, maybe 2.6.1?) on a pair of machines.  Synergy works well,
allowing me to type and mouse on either machines' displays using a single
keyboard and mouse.  I recently enabled Gnome's typing monitor (version
2.6.1 - seems kind of old?).  Synergy doesn't pass the necessary events back
and forth to allow both typing monitors to activate.  Consequently, when the
typing monitor locks my screen it only locks my primary display (the one
with the synergy server's keyboard and mouse).  The secondary display (the
"client" in synergy's nomenclature) remains unlocked.

Is this a known issue?  Is there a fix or workaround?  Is it maybe fixed in
a later version?  I asked on the Synergy discussion forum on SourceForge but
received no response.  I was hoping someone here could shed a little light
on the topic.

Sorry, I don't know how synergy works. The typing monitor uses the X screensaver extension to detect "idleness", so as long as that part works, the typing monitor should work.


Imendio AB,

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