RE: Gnome 2.22 & FreeBSD 7 mouse configuration

Thank you for the info.  That website is exactly where I was last night and it describes xf86config and XF86Setup as the two files used for the configuration.  Although I have the same directory structure as described in the manual I do not have those two files.
I'm soooo lost right now :)


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>From memory those files should all be in /etc/XFree86 or something like that... 

better yet, have a look at the freebsd guide:

On 11/04/2008, at 9:46 AM, Pitre, Ian (DPS/MSP) wrote:

	I'm a newbie to both FreeBSD and Gnome.
	I installed FreeBSD 7 and installed and configured Gnome 2.22.  Everything is working fine except that my mouse does not work.  I have a USB mouse with a wheel.
	The mouse works fine in the FreeBSD console but no luck with Gnome.  I've research the question and the answer is always to edit the Xorg, XFree86 or X11 configuration files which I cannot find anywhere on my FreeBSD install.
	I'm about to give up...please if someone knows where I can configure my mouse I need your help.
	Thank you!
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