Icons and Menu problem


After a system update, I'm left in a state where my application menu is
empty and where the system menu do not show the system preference
Moreover, all icons on my systems are the default ugly icons (as if
gnome-settings-manager wasn't there. But it is here).

I tested it with non gnome applications like thunar. Applications like
the menu editor tells me that the menu is empty ...

I tried to start gnome with a fresh empty homedir to see if the problem
was here, but even with this fresh profile, I couldn't have icons or my

I reinstalled the menu package of my distribution (ArchLinux) but it
didn't solved the problem.

I don't know exactly where to ask and I thought this could be a place
for that. If it is not please tell me.
Do you have any idea what the problem is ?



Mildred Ki'lya
Site:	<http://mildred632.free.fr/>
XMPP:	<mildred jabber fr> (GoogleTalk, Jabber)

GPG:	197C A7E6 645B 4299 6D37 684B 6F9D A8D6 [9A7D 2E2B]

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