Re: failsafe sessions on login screen?

Hello Ian,

I too have been trying to find the failsafe session in F7 so your info was good to see.

However, I have a custom.conf file and a custom.conf.rpmnew file. The latter was most probably installed when I recently upgraded from F6 to F7.

The custom.conf file has a lot of switches, most commented out, but the custom.conf.rpmnew has nothing but headers, of a sort, after the initial preamble.

Is it possible to get a copy of your F7 custom.conf file so I can compare it with mine because after adding your line to my custom.conf the failsafe session still didn't appear.




On 07/09/2007, Ian Collier <Ian Collier comlab ox ac uk> wrote:
On Wed, Sep 05, 2007 at 11:48:59AM +0100, I wrote:
> Now I know there used to be a failsafe session available in earlier Fedoras,
> but it's not in the list of choices on Fedora 7's login screen.
> Where did it go and how can I get it back?

Well eventually I found it myself: add the line ShowXtermFailsafeSession=true
to /etc/gdm/custom.conf in the [greeter] section.  Why isn't this in the UI?

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