Desktop launchers on NFS partition opened with gedit instead of being executed


We have set up a small computer classroom (Debian +
GNOME), with
centralized ldap user authentication and access to
home partitions via NFS.

After an upgrade to Debian testing/unstable, (GNOME
2.18.2), desktop launchers (whether old or newly
created ones) have stopped working: 

Instead of launching the application, gedit opens the
.desktop file.

This only happens to LDAP users, whose homes are in a
remote partition, mounted on /mnt/home in the local

The problem does not happen:
- With KDE desktop
- With local users with local homes (path: /home)
- With ldap users with local homes (path: /home)

We are a bit baffled by this problem... 
What might be going wrong?

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