Re: Keyboard shortcuts disappearing

On 25 Oct 2007, at 01:21, Mark Hull-Richter wrote:

I have been running with Gnome 2.16 on CentOS 5.0 with what was, until today, the most recent kernel, since that kernel came out on 9/28, almost a month without any reboots (and very few logoffs). All of a sudden, today, my lock-screen and web-browser keyboard shortcuts stopped working. It's as if they had been disabled. I installed the new kernel, rebooted, and the same problem persists.

All of my other keyboard shortcuts still work - I tested them. It's just those two that are failing (plus the log out shortcut, which NEVER worked).

Did you check the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences window? Are the broken shortcuts still listed there, or have they really been disabled? If they're still showing, do they work if you redefine them to something else?


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