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> From: Frank Wilson <fajwilson gmail com>
> Date: 18-Jul-2007 11:47
> Subject: Re: gnome places "gtk bookmarks" open thunar
> To: Ben Aldrich <vrecan gmail com>
> It didn't really work I'm afraid. Those scripts seem to be best for
> switching from nautilus to another file manager. The script that
> switches back to nautilus simply restores backups of system files made
> by the other scripts given. I don't have these backups. I have no idea
> what emerge did to my configuration (it a shame that some of this
> stuff isn't kept in /etc/ really, i think this would have stopped
> portage trampling over my config!). I had a look at the files those
> scripts act apon (in /usr/share/applications/ ) but i couldn't see
> what's causing my places menu to open thunar! :(

Hi Frank,

Having resolved the same problem as you described at the mailinglist in
july, I thought I would let you know:

The files in the /usr/share/applications/ directory have MIME-type
describers, which tell gnome that this applications has to be launched.
The thunar files are at the bottom, far below the Nautilus-files.

If you do grep on the commandline, like 'grep x-directory *' in the
/usr/share/applications/ directory, you will see that both Nautilus and
Thunar are associated. Because I removed thunar from my system (gnome
rocks), I simply removed the Thunar* files in the dir.

This worked for me!


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