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I'm using the GNOME 2.18 (Gentoo with up-to-date stable ports) on my IBM ThinkPad T42 (ATI Radeon 7500 graphics card) notebook. The notebook is quite old but still works *almost* perfect. *Almost* because I have some problems with display properties. The color balance is quite wrong ("much too green") as well as the saturation and contrast need to be adjusted. The hardware of the display (I mean: the notebook buttons) allows changing only the brightness of the display while xorg.conf settings allow changing the rgb *gamma* values. It's not enough for me. For some multimedia applications I can adjust the desired values. I wonder if there is some GNOME application that allows changing desired display parameters for the whole desktop environment. I guess it *should* be, unfortunately I can't find it :-(

Thanks for any help,
best regards,
Marek Kozłowski

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