using MOD4 (aka super or "window key") as keyboard shortcut *modifier*

I would like to use mod4 as a modifier key for keyboard shortcuts.

I have done this in the past and those shortcuts still work fine
(eg mod4-f2 brings up the "run application" dialog).

But I can't add any new ones.  Say I want have mod4-M as my email key

  1. I click on say E-mail and the row is hilighted (good)

  2. I press mod4 (super_L) and super_L becomes the shortcut

That is Super_L is being viewed as a key not a modifier.

As I said, this is only for trying to create new shortcuts.
If I type mod4-t, I get a gnome-terminal since I created
that shortcut quite a while ago.

I do not need to have a graphical tool, a text based method would be


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