Re: Alt-tab flashes differently between work and home

Hi Mark,

Mark Hull-Richter wrote:
I have CentOS 5 on both my work and home machines, with Gnome 2.16.0
(default, straight out of the box, so to speak).  At work I have two
17" FP monitors on an ATI FireGL V3400, at home I have one 19" CRT on
an nVidia GeForce7100gs.

When I use alt-tab to switch windows at work, the border of the window
that is the current target of the switch flashes black - this is fine.
 At home, the whole window goes black.  I'd like to change this to
flash just the border at home, but . . . how?

I have seen the very same issue on my laptop and figured it to being a misconfiguration of the Xorg.conf file. In my case, I have a ATI mobility card on my laptop. I had installed the ATI drivers and also had the module DRI enabled in my xorg.conf file (search for Section Module). I checked the log files and noticed that the ATI module was loading its own version of DRI and that the additional entry in the xorg.conf file was causing this problem

Since your graphics card is different, I would suggest looking at the X11 log files and checking for errors. Hope that info helps you out.

I've tried looking around for a setting for this and I can't find one,
but I'm stabbing in the dark - even google doesn't give me anything,
although the searches I've tried might have been off-base.

Any suggestions?

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