Re: kde applet on on gnome

Currently gnome-panel doesn't support kicker (the kde panel) applets.
One solution that I could think of is having kicker run inside gnome, I am
not sure if this will run without kdesktop and the kde-session-manager
running. Another solution is to look for an equivalent applet for
gnome-panel (gprayertime?). You can also take a look at the packages
in Ubuntu Islam Edition, they probably have included such a tool.

On 5/3/07, abdelkader belahcene <abelahcene gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an applet ( kprayertime) which runs correcly on kde desktop as
> applet, (the role of this applet is to open a window, at given time),
> Now, I am using Gnome desktop and I want to use this applet?
> Is ther a possibility to add it ??
> I can't use minbar, it needs more recent package (I am using debian
> etch (stable) )
> thanks a lot
> best regards
> bela
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