Re: Can't make changes to panel

Strangely, I just discovered that "move" does work.  I can move existing app launchers around the panel willy-nilly.  Whoopee!

Can't delete them or add new ones, though.

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Subject: Can't make changes to panel

I can't make any changes to my gnome panel.

For example, if I right click on the panel, and select "add to panel", the appropriate dialog pops up, but when I select an app launcher to add, and click the "add" button, nothing happens.

Dragging the app from the dialog to the panel (instead of clicking the "add" button) also does nothing.

Similarly, if I click "remove from panel" or "delete this panel", nothing happens.

This is Gnome 2.18.1, FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE.

Any hints on this would be appreciated.

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