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From: Frank Wilson <fajwilson gmail com>
Date: 18-Jul-2007 11:47
Subject: Re: gnome places "gtk bookmarks" open thunar
To: Ben Aldrich <vrecan gmail com>

It didn't really work I'm afraid. Those scripts seem to be best for
switching from nautilus to another file manager. The script that
switches back to nautilus simply restores backups of system files made
by the other scripts given. I don't have these backups. I have no idea
what emerge did to my configuration (it a shame that some of this
stuff isn't kept in /etc/ really, i think this would have stopped
portage trampling over my config!). I had a look at the files those
scripts act apon (in /usr/share/applications/ ) but i couldn't see
what's causing my places menu to open thunar! :(

Thanks anyhow,


PS I'm using version 2.16.3 of gnome if that helps....

On 16/07/07, Ben Aldrich <vrecan gmail com> wrote:
Frank Wilson <fajwilson <at> gmail.com> writes:

> I got a little "seduced" by xfce4 and decided to install it the other
> day (putting on flame-proof suit! :S ). Now when I use gnome and I try
> to open a gtk-bookmark from the places menu it opens thunar. The same
> thing happens with any hal mounted volume.  I've decided I don't like
> thunar and would much rather use gnautilus :) . Does anyone know how
> to get my gtk-bookmarks to open in gnautilus?
> Note: My "home folder" still opens in gnautilus as does "network
> services" and "computer". Maybe there is some significance in this!
> Hope someone can help! :)

Yea if you go to http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/nonautilusplease they have
scripts to change your file manager easily from nautilus, konqueror,thunar just
by executing the script.

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