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On Wed, Jan 17, 2007 at 12:55:22 -0500, Zen Seeker wrote:
>I'm confused about this software and have a general question.  I've
>come to it from GNU Cash saying it needs gnome to install and run.   Is
>this gnome going to alter my Mac OS X desktop in any way?  I don't
>want that.  I only want to check out GNU Cash.  Not even sure I'll  use
>it.  Is Gnome easy to uninstall?   Thanks.

Take a look at Fink[1].  They seem to have packaged Gnucash (take the
gnucash2[2] package).  They're using a good package manager so it should
be easy to clean up your system afterwards if you decide that Gnucash
isn't for you.



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