scroll wheel mouse configuration

I am using Fedora Core 6 and gnome and do not like the default behavior of the pointer when using a scroll wheel mouse.

For example if I have two applications open, and slide the mouse from one to the other, the focus does not follow. I am okay with that, that is configurable via a menu setting, stay with me...

However, rotating the scroll mouse over (say) a combo box on the unfocused window starts changing the values in that combo box. Not just scrolling through the values, actually scrolling the values and slecting them! With no mouse click.

As stated, the mouse wheel rotation both scrolls and activates the change. Open two instances of OpenOffice writer and move the pointer over the font size combo box. Scrolling the wheel (no click) scrolls the list and activates the size as it scrolls. This seems very, very wrong.

Now imagine a application with a scrollable pane, sparsely populated with combo boxes or whatnot. The pointer goes over the pane, the scroll wheel gets bumped or nudged, and the pane scrolls slightly. Ignoring the lack of main window focus issue, fine again...

The problem is, scrolling the pane and having the pointer enter a combo box as the pane slides, now the pointer stops in the combo box and starts altering the contents of the combo...not just scrolling the values, but actually performing a selection of the values with no mouse click at any time. This just seems very, very wrong.

How can I change this or disable the scroll mouse entirely (other than the obvious of changing out the mouse)?

Is this a gnome or xorg.conf configuration issue? I have asked on the fedora list and they don't seem to understand what I am talking about.

Neither my Mac mini running tiger nor my windows machines exhibit this (what I consider) destructive behavior.


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