Bug party this Saturday

Hello everyone,

Sorry if you get this mail two times, I'm writing to gnome-list and

The reason of my email is that this Saturday 13th, we are having a
workshop about GNOME Bugzilla here on Perú. You can check details here
(in Spanish):


Now, "why does that concern me?" you say. Well, since it's a workshop
about GNOME Bugzilla, we need bugs to triage and bugs to file so
people can do actual work.
So this mail is an invitation for any maintainer who needs triaging or
who wants to be around this Saturday at the workshop. Spanish speakers
are highly encouraged to be there :).

It will be between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m UTC, I know it's little time but
it's a start!.

Previous to this workshop there will be one about Debian's BTS, so if
anyone wants Debian bugs to be triaged just sent me an email (bonus
points if they are related to Gnome!).


Diego Escalante

PD: I'll send this to gnome-hispano too but right now it seems kind of
dead. Will do it later. Feel free to make noise about this in the

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