About xfrun4 (Xfce4's run app dialog) behaviour


I'm a GNOME fan, but used Xfce4 for a few weeks due to some of
Thunar's magnificence, and decided to try out the entire suite (on
Etch). Among others, I fell for it's run app (Alt+F2) utility named
xfrun4 (part of xfce-utils). Has anyone who ever used it ever wished
that GNOME's equivalent was like that? It's behaviour surely increases
my productivity.

It works thus:

* It only auto-completes program names that have been run with it before:
 -> reduces noise and resource usage

* It won't keep auto-complete those that refused to run:
 -> also eliminates history clutter from junk input

* On start-up, it displays the most recent program that was run.

sidenote - I don't know the name for the GNOME equivalent.

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