Re: Sony Vaio related gnome components

On Thu, 2007-12-13 at 01:13 -0800, Daniel Fetchinson wrote:
> On Dec 8, 2007 5:48 PM, Daniel Fetchinson <fetchinson googlemail com>
> wrote:
>         Hi gnomers!
>         I have a couple of questions that are all related to laptop
>         functionality more specifically to a Sony Vaio FZ 240 e/b.
>         Gnome has
>         lots of useful features and/or components which are working
>         very well 
>         with my laptop and some others are working not so well.
>         Normally I
>         don't use gnome at all, only the sawfish window manager, but
>         since
>         gnome does a couple of things well I would like to take those
>         components. 
>         1. This vaio model has volume control buttons on the keyboard
>         and when
>         they are pressed a nice window appears with visual feed back
>         to the
>         user displaying a volume scale and the current value. The
>         buttons
>         actually work I can use them to set the volume level. Which
>         gnome
>         component is responsible for these? These are 2 issues, one is
>         the
>         fact that the buttons work and the second is the visual
>         feedback.
>         2. The gnome menu has menu items for hibernation and sleep.
>         What do 
>         these menu items actually invoke?
>         3. Gnome has power management features, there are menu items
>         for
>         setting what should happen when the power is low. Apparently
>         there is
>         the option for shutting down the machine securely if the power
>         is 
>         critically low but this doesn't work. The machine keeps being
>         turned
>         on until the battery is totally flat at which point it
>         switches off.
>         Again, which gnome component is responsible for making this
>         work? And 
>         what code gets really executed?
>         4. Screen brightness. There is a gnome applet as well as some
>         menu
>         items for controlling the screen brightness. This also doesn't
>         work.
>         The applet, for example, ideally should have access to the
>         brightness 
>         but through what means? In other words in an ideal situation
>         when this
>         feature worked, what is the mechanism through which the screen
>         brightness is set?
>         So what I would like to know for each of these components if
>         it was 
>         easy to use them without running gnome. This is actually what
>         I like
>         in gnome, I don't have to run the whole thing usually, only
>         the parts
>         which I find useful.
>         Cheers,
>         Daniel
> Wow! I never expected so much help from this friendly community! :)


p.s. that page is sort of invisible in google. if you want to give
something back to the community, teach google to find it (add to cache,

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