Where is Gnome heading?

 Hello all, and thanks for reading this. If you had your share of Gnome criticism from n00bs on first posts, feel free to delete or disregard this email now.

 You may think this is a reaction to KDE's "Plasma" desktop announcement, but it is not - although it reinforced my beliefs.

 GNOME is great. I like it, and have used it since the fugly days of 1.x and it has always been my favorite desktop along with BeOS's Deslbar/Tracker. I love it's look and functionality. My only gripe with it is the default filemanager, but maybe I've been in MS land for too long.

 Cutting to the chase, where *is* Gnome heading? 2.16 was an evolutionary release, but even the goals for 2.18 seem "evolutionary" too.

Is there a 3.x coming anytime soon?
Where are the revolutionary ideas on the desktop?
Is maintaining such a large C-codebase becoming a nightmare to manage? If so, why not dump C?
Why not start a GNOME-3 project and start adding experimental code and features to it?

Please consider embracing C#, it's an ECMA standard. Creating apps with it would be awesome (goodbye malloc() and rogue pointers crashing everything). C is adequate ... for a time when RAM was precious and home computers couldn't afford more sophisticated (CPU intensive) language features.

I'm sorry if I sound annoying or something, please note that I'm not demanding anything - I realize it's a volunteer project that exists because a lot of talented people donate their free time to it and I appreciate it. It's just that I see Gnome lagging in terms of continuing to be a cutting edge desktop for Linux and other *NIX flavors and that sucks.

Well, time to thank everyone who read this and get my asbestos suit out of the closet.

 Thanks! Please reply with your feedback - I'm not afraid to learn how wrong I may be.

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