Re: Opening files from file-roller

Jos�lburquerque wrote:

Jos�lburquerque wrote:

PS. I just ran 'update-desktop-database' as root and I got the following error (Maybe this is my problem?):
[root sweety ~]$ update-desktop-database
Could not parse file '/usr/share/applications/konverter.desktop': Failed to open file '/usr/share/applications/konverter.desktop': No such file or directory

For everyone's info, I had tried 'konverter' (a video file converter utility) a while back but I had removed it a while ago (I had installed as an rpm and then just removed it).

I found the reason for this error: What had happened is that I had created a link from the konverter.desktop file where it existed in the file system to the /usr/share/applications directory (the rpm installed this file somewhere else so I had to link to it). I just removed the link and re-ran 'update-desktop-database' with no errors whatsoever. Thanks.


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