Re: Opening files from file-roller

Ritesh Khadgaray wrote:

odd. file-roller uses  mime-info to my knowledge.
re-run "/usr/bin/update-desktop-database" as root, and check file-roller

is this issue limited to a particular user ?
I just checked and file-roller works exactly the same for all users (I tested it with my account, a "general" account created for people who don't have accounts and the root account). In fact, what is happening is not that file-roller does not open certain "registered" files is that it is not opening the ones that I would like it to recognize as a particular type of file.

Let me explain: I have a source rpm file (which file-roller can open) with several patch (*.patch) files in the archive. With all the users, attempting to open the files shows a list of registered text file editors (eg. Emacs Text Editor, Vi IMproved, Writer, etc.) that can open these files. In fact, when I try to open a "*.tar.gz" file in the "*.src.rpm" archive, in the list of Available applications appears "Archive Manager" for all the users, which is exactly what should happen.

Recently I wanted to browse the xorg documentation (xorg-x11-doc package) which I downloaded and installed for my system (CentOS 4). This package contains compressed postscript files (*.PS.gz) which I need to open with file-roller. When I open these files the postscript file appears in the archive but when I try to open the postscript file (from file-roller), there are no "Available applications". If I extract the file I can then right click on the file in nautilus and select either "Open with 'PostScript Viewer'" or "Open with 'KGhostView'". This is where I think file-roller is not doing what it's supposed to do. Is this wrong? Is there some setting I'm missing? Thanks for your input, it's very helpful.

PS. I just ran 'update-desktop-database' as root and I got the following error (Maybe this is my problem?):
[root sweety ~]$ update-desktop-database
Could not parse file '/usr/share/applications/konverter.desktop': Failed to open file '/usr/share/applications/konverter.desktop': No such file or directory

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