Opening files from file-roller

Hi. I'm presently running GNOME 2.8 on CentOS 4.3 (RHEL 4) (with great success, I might add :-) ). I recently "reset" my user account by moving all the "dot" (or "hidden") files (.[^.]*) in my home directory into a backup directory and login in as a "new" user to allow all the applications to "regenerate" their dot-files. (I did this because my account is extremely old and I thought it was about time I cleaned things up a little).

Before my reset whenever I ran "file-roller" I was able to right-click on any file, select "View" or "Open" from the menu and a list of "compatible" applications (which could open the file selected) would be shown for me to decide which one to use to "launch" the file (for "viewing" or "opening"). Now, after the reset, the application list in "file-roller" is empty. Is there any way for me sort of "configure" file-roller to "know" which apps to use for which files? Sorry if the question is obvious. TIA.

Jose Alburquerque

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