Re: Gnome 2.14 on FreeBSD 6.0?

Why not try garnome?

On 3/18/06, Kiffin Gish <kiffin gish planet nl> wrote:
> I use FreeBSD 6.0 with the Gnome 2.12 Desktop which works fine and would
> like to know if it is possible (recommended) to upgrade already to Gnome
> 2.14 before it is ready in ports.
> They say that it will be part of ports but not until FreeBSD 6.1 is
> ready, and I just can't wait to give it a good look.
> Should I just be patient or daring? If daring, how can I install Gnome
> 2.14 separately from the usual ports, and could anything go wrong when I
> later upgrade it officially via the ports?
> --
> Kiffin Gish <kiffin gish planet nl>

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