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Christian Storgaard schrieb:

noskule <noskule <at>> writes:

hi list
this is my first post in this list and also my first time using gnome /
ubuntu. So my question:
is there a way with to edit files over ftp? If I open a ftp connection
with nautilus and want do edit a file, they only open with
writeprotection, the same over ssh. What I'm doing wrong.

thanx nos

You can open gconf-editor, go to
apps/gedit-2/preferences/editor/save/writable-vfs-schemes and add ftp (and ssh) to the list. That should do the trick :) .
It was bugging the hell out of me too ;)

hi christian, thanks for the hint. Unfortunality I switched to kde, but since I switch my desktop all cupple of months so I will try it next time I use gnome. Is this working with all aplications or only with special ones like gedit? I dont understand way, editing files over ftp (or any network place) isnt working by default, cause IMO this virtual filesystem thing is one of the most nice things on linux, so that I dont have to bother if one file is on my computer local network or anywhere.

Currently I doing webdesign an have to edit files on servers all day. For this usage the gnomedesktop laks on some points. For example try to rename some filenames in a folder with >500 files. after every renamae action the folder will be reloadet und new alpabeticaly sorted, this process takes so long it makes renaming allmost imposible. Also nautilus crashed somtimes or gives me permission errors if I upload files. This behavor I dont have on my current installation. I' dont no if this is on my computer only ore a common prolem.

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