(resend) shutdown, reboot buttons lost from 2.10 logout dialog

(Sorry if this is a duplicate.  More than 12 hours have passed
since sending the original.)

Moving from Mandriva LE2005 to Mandriva 2006 has caused loss
of the shutdown and reboot buttons when logging out from a
Gnome session, at least on my systems that use runlevel 3
(text login) and no display manager.

I spent quite a bit of time searching and asking in a
Mandriva forum for a solution but found nothing useful.

Is there a reasonable way to give (selected) users back the
shutdown (and reboot) button(s)?

Switching to runlevel 5 and GDM is not an option.

My contingency plan, barring a more reasonable solution, is
to create empty files /etc/shutdown.allow.d/$USER for users
who are allowed to shut down a particular machine, then add
a couple lines of code to test for the file and set the
variables to true, then put the resulting binary in

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Robert Riches
rm riches verizon net

PS: The root cause of the loss of the buttons appears to be
the following change in the source code:

*** ./gnome-session-2.8.1/gnome-session/logout.c
--- ./gnome-session-2.10.0/gnome-session/logout.c
*** 392,405 ****
                          FALSE, TRUE, 0);
!   /* Red Hat specific code to check if the user has a
!    * good chance of being able to shutdown the system,
!    * and if so, give them that option
!    */
!   s = g_strconcat ("/var/lock/console/", g_get_user_name (), NULL);
!   t = g_strconcat ("/var/run/console/", g_get_user_name (), NULL);
!   if (((geteuid () == 0) || g_file_exists (t) || g_file_exists(s)) &&
!       access (halt_command[0], X_OK) == 0)
        GtkWidget *title, *spacer;
        GtkWidget *action_vbox, *hbox;
--- 376,385 ----
                          FALSE, TRUE, 0);
!   halt_supported   = gdm_supports_logout_action (GDM_LOGOUT_ACTION_SHUTDOWN);
!   reboot_supported = gdm_supports_logout_action (GDM_LOGOUT_ACTION_REBOOT);
!   if (halt_supported || reboot_supported)
        GtkWidget *title, *spacer;
        GtkWidget *action_vbox, *hbox;

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