overlapping text in taskbar

Hi all, I multiboot several distros with Gnome desktops(Debian 2.8,
Ubuntu 2.12, and PCLINUXOS 2.10). My Gnome in PCLINUXOS(Mandrake 9.2
based) has the text overlapping in the taskbar when 3 or more apps are
open at the same time. I am curious as to how to fix this problem. There
are many Gnome fans using this distro and the maintainer Texstar has
done a nice job of getting Gnome for us but his expertise lies in KDE
and he is unable to fix this. If there is a fix or workaround for this I
would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction. If it is
a config issue I should be able to handle it but if not then a couple of
our forum members are willing to try anything if we only knew where to
look for it in a file or code. Thank You for shedding any light on this
problem, Woob

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