What is Gnome?


I work as a system administrator for the students computer lab at the
mathematics department at the Norwegian University of Science and
Technology. We have have 52 computers running FreeBSD.

We see that each year the new students are less and less familiar with
unix, and many find it very intimidating. Alot of the students just
click the Windows-icon on the desktop, which starts an rdesktop
connection to our terminal server running Windows 2003.

To help our new students get along, we've considered installing a more
modern and user friendly desktop environment (as well as giving
introduction courses, etc). In this regard I was looking at Gnome, since
alot of the linux distributions seems to use it. However, I'm very
disappointed in the information on the website, www.gnome.org.

Looking for a list of application that constitutes the gnome desktop, I
found nothing. Looking for screenshots, I found nothing. Looking for
info on the file manager. Nothing. What features does the window manager
have? I don't know? What does Gnome offer me for site-wide configuration
of multi user systems? Beats me!

Whereas, the Xfce website, I instantly found the "Overview" link, giving
me some basic info on the windows manager, the taskbar, file manager,
etc. It has a "Screenshots" link right there on the front page.

I hope some of you can offer me some insights, as I really think that
Gnome has more to offer than the website would suggest.

	Svein Halvor

(Please include me in replies, as I'm not subscribed to the list)

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