Re: Upcoming Events: LWE SFO

On 1/19/06, Jeff Waugh <jdub perkypants org> wrote:
LinuxWorldExpo, San Francisco is *the* big Linux tradeshow to be seen at,
and GNOME will be there in force! Well, that's what we want to do, anyway.
GNOME usually has a booth in the ".org pavilion", where all the cool FOSS
projects hang out. Running a booth sounds a bit sucky, but it's actually
really cool if you like talking to users, gathering feedback, showing off
our latest work, and so on. Plus, it's a good opportunity to catch up with
fellow GNOME dudes running the booth. ;-) If you'd like to help out at LWE,
please sign up on the wiki page below.

 Where: San Francisco CA, USA
  When: August 14-17, 2006

I am living in the bay area a short time longer, and I would like to
participate at LWE SF while I am still here. I have neither
volunteered at a GNOME booth before or similar event. I am wondering
how I can best prepare and participate?

Peace be in you,
Lloyd D Budd

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