gnome / gdmgreeter not accepting input


I was working normally on my gnome desktop when suddently the system
hanged, it was not responding so I did a hard reboot. When the system
restarted the gdmgreeter appeared as normal but I got a "Authentication
failed, Letters must be typed in the correct case" straight away. Clicking
Username textbox did not have any effect and I could not enter anything,
it was simply not responding. Now everytime I restart my machine I face
the same dilemma.

All I see in /var/log/messages is "gdm[ID]: Couldn't authenticate user".
Strangely when I vnc to the system from another machine gnome starts
normally. So I presume it has something to do with gdmgreeter or the
initial login process.

In my brief search on google I could not reallly find anything meaningful.
I would be grateful if someone can guide me how to fix this issue.


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