Choosing a .pdf viewer

I'm running gnome 2.12.3 on an up-to-date gentoo system. I would like to be able to choose the default pdf viewer used by Nautilus when I double-click on a .pdf file (the current default, the Gnome PDF Viewer, has serious rendering and performance problems with certain .pdf files and also doesn't appear to offer the ability to search a .pdf file). I have tried  Settings->File Types and Programs, which I find completely unusable for this (and when you click Help->Help with 'File Types and Programs' settings, you either get a message saying the help file doesn't exist, or Nautilus crashes). For example, in attempting to substitute evince for the default .pdf viewer, I click 'pdf document' in the main window. Then I click the 'Open with Application' radio button and 'Edit list' in the default action section and add evince to the list. Then I select it in the pulldown. Then I click 'Ok'. Great. Except this has no effect on Nautilus' choice of a .pdf viewer. And if I go back to File Types and Programs and look at the entry for 'pdf document' in the main window, the default action is 'none'. It would seem like a bug report or two is in order here, which I will do. But meanwhile, any suggestions for working around this?

Thanks --
/Don Allen

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