Re: Password management applet

On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 08:54:30AM -0500, Michael LeMay wrote:
>    I am currently working on a C panel applet to satisfy these 
> requirements that makes use of the OpenSSL cryptographic library and the 
> Berkeley DB library.  I decided against storing passwords in 
> gnome-keyring because I'd like the password database to be easily 
> portable to other machines, desktops, and operating systems.  I intend 
> for this application to store all passwords, basically taking the place 
> of the GPG-encrypted file some people manually maintain, or the paper 
> sticky notes I suppose a few people still use.  I'm actually developing 
> a command-line client along with the panel applet to support this usage 
> model.

It sounds like a good idea. However, have you checked the
licensing on OpenSSL? You might want to read


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