Mime Editor

Hi All. I am using debian sarge (gnome 2.8), and want to know how to edit the mime database. I sort of remember an app to do this before (gnome 2.4 maybe), but now I can only use right click a file (ex. foo.mpg) and tell it what to do with other files like it. My problem is that I use glabels, which saves in the extension .glabels. Nautilus thinks it is a gzip file and tries to open it with file-roller (it bombs). If I change the "open with" setting, it will open all gzip files with glabels (also bad). Under kde, you can associate extensions (.glabels,.mpg,etc.) with apps, and you used to in gnome. What happened? How do I change the database without going in /usr/share/mime and editing files that say "Do Not Edit!"? Thanks!

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