newbiew menu customization question..


  i just recently switched to linux (ubuntu with gnome).
  can't figure out how to customize the desktop context menu
  (that is, the context menu that appears when one right-clicks
  on the desktop).

  basically i want to be able to delete one menu item (because
  it's there in duplicate) and customize the command for another
  (add a -geometry flag to gnome-terminal because the gnome-terminal
  profile gui does not make a provision for it).

   i don't know where/what path the config file that controls the
desktop context menu resides. i've revised /usr/share/ applications/gnome-terminal
  but that is not the launcher that's tied to the desktop context menu
  (which is the one i use)

  the documentation references special uris that can be used
  with nautilus yet the uris stated don't appear to work at all
  for me (preferences-all-users:/// and applications-all-users:///).

  i also separately downloaded an app (smeg?) for customizing
  gnome menus but that one appears to only control the main menu
  and its descendants.

lastly, i'd be really grateful if anyone could recommend a gnome users
  book.  there appear to be a number of gnome programming/development
  books out there.  my goal is to become a gnome power user (know how
  to customize the desktop to make me more productive).

thanks in advance, eitan

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