Re: Bug Report Personnel Issues

Hi there,

On So, 2005-01-30 at 11:26 -0800, D. Cooper Stevenson wrote:
> Dear Chris,
> I just wanted to write to let you know that your coments regarding bug
> id# 165729 were totally un-called for. Please see below. 
> When one starts the Desklets applet a dialog box asks to inform the
> GNOME developers of the error. She was just sending the report to help
> you.
> Now she's crying thanks to you.

Oh, I feel sorry, I didn't know. Unfortunately, we're getting so many
useless bug reports. Today, there've been 4 of these. It's frustrating
and very time consuming. I hope you understand that.
Some distributions (SuSE, Mandrake) are shipping very old versions of
bindings which gdesklets needs.

> My wife has contributed a lot of artwork to various OSS projects that
> needed it. She's not asking for a metal, just a little courtesy.

Oh right, sorry again :(

> I expect you to make a full apology to my wife. You may email her at
> linuxpeach at linuxpeach dot com.
> By way of Cc:'ng the mailing list I ask if there is a way that we may
> prevent this kind of behavior in the future for the good of the
> community and it's users:

Oh well, this normally shouldn't go to a users mailinglist, because
nobody's involved so far there.
The best and most important thing it to read the README first and not
simply clicking on a dialog. If you click on a dialog after the app's
crashed you should also read what the software (here bugbuddy) actually
submits even a user who hasn't any idea what it is. (S)he will
immediately notice that it's not useful data.
Unfortunately, or it seeems like, gnome-bugbuddy hasn't full python
support and this is the result.

Again, if you want to run gDesklets it's very important to read the
included readme file first. gDesklets is difficult software on some
distributions, because they don't care about certain packages (here the
python bindings). We don't have the time to handle bug reports as the
one submitted, because it's simple NOT a bug (but the distributor's
fault). It's the distribution which ships these packages.
I hope you understand our point. We're having a really difficult job and
distributions like SuSE or Mandrake make that even worse.


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