Re: gnome-list Digest, Vol 9, Issue 21

On Sun, 2005-01-23 at 17:04 +0100, KTG wrote:
> Takis Diakoumis <takisd alphalink com au> wrote:
> > you can remove it...
> > 
> > change the gconf entry for /apps/nautilus/desktop/trash_icon_visible to
> > false
> > 
> > as for your remarks that gnome is heading towards windows... can of
> > worms and so very wrong... (and for argumentas sake i do hope your not
> > basing it on the trash icon) in any case... another story for another
> > day.
> Hi!
> Hmmm... So you can't avoid using it. I was affraid of it...
> If anyone responsible for that reads it, please do something about it.
> Either add a possibility of turning Trash off or at least add a shortcut
> to delete files immediately. 
> (In order to continue the windoze's way, I suggest Shift+Del).
> Recycle bin is not the worst thing (of all those which make GNOME 
> windowish), discovering file's MIME type by it's extension is worse.
> Unices' files never needed extensions at all. There's even a nice program 
> called 'file' for those who forgot!

Nobody is trying to make Gnome "windowish".  We're trying to make Gnome
useful to the widest class of people possible.  If you think the Trash
came from Windows originally, you need a history lesson.

As for file extensions, file contents often don't give the most accurate
results.  Of course, file extensions aren't wholly reliable either.  And
Gnome and KDE both use a hybrid system.  The world isn't perfect, but we
try our best to identify files as accurately as possible.  By the way,

$ file mojo.rdf
mojo.rdf: XML document text

$ gnomevfs-info file://`pwd`/mojo.rdf | grep MIME
MIME type         : text/rdf

Guess which answer is more useful to me.

Try arguing on actual merits and problems, not on knee-jerk "Micro$oft
sux0rz and you guys are copying windoze!" crap.


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