Re: gnome-list Digest, Vol 9, Issue 23

On Sun, Jan 23, 2005 at 12:00:41PM -0500, gnome-list-request gnome org wrote:
> > Hi!
> > 
> > Hmmm... So you can't avoid using it. I was affraid of it...
> > If anyone responsible for that reads it, please do something about it.
> > Either add a possibility of turning Trash off or at least add a shortcut
> > to delete files immediately. 
> > (In order to continue the windoze's way, I suggest Shift+Del).
> Um, you were given the answer for the disabling; you even quoted the
> answer in your reply.
> > 
> > Recycle bin is not the worst thing (of all those which make GNOME 
> > windowish), discovering file's MIME type by it's extension is worse.
> > Unices' files never needed extensions at all. There's even a nice program 
> > called 'file' for those who forgot!
> Yes, and scanning by file contents is fully supported by the MIME
> system.  Extensions are used because extensions are far, far faster to
> check (no need to read any of the file contents off the disk/network),
> and scanning inside of files can have serious performance impacts in
> many cases.

As a matter of fact I was given the answer for hiding, not disabling (in 
my understanding of this word[*]) the Trash. When I tried to remove a file, 
it was moved to some "invisible" Trash. It is not what I wanted to achieve. 
I wanted files I delete to be DELETED, not moved to some hidden place.

[*] - English is not my mother tongue, but I thought that "disable" and
      "hide" are not the same.

Karol T. Gajowniczek

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