Re: Some imperfections (a bit long)

David Bouchain <david bouchain de> writes:

>> I think this is intentional since if you don't know the alt+mouse
>> combination, you can never get rid of the window again (unless you
>> know how to use a terminal). It's a bug with Mozilla. It should not
>> use windows that are too large for the screen. Report it on
> True, but how would you move the title bar off the screen anyways
> _without_ using Alt+Mouse?

By accident, although I can see it can be a bit annoying if you know
and use the shortcut habitually. You could try filing a bug for
Metacity (or search for it in Bugzilla, someone else has probably
already reported it).

PS: Please trim the quotations when you are just replying to a small
part of a message. It saves time for all of us.

Ole Laursen

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