Some imperfections (a bit long)

Gnome 2.8 on Fedora 3...


These are some deficiencies I wish there weren't with
gnome after too many updates:

1- When we want a panel to appear (in autohide mode),
it appears with a delay that grates on my nerves! I
prefer to avoid autohide mode now, even though I hate
a panel to occupy my screen.

2- Menus and windows cannot be moved farther when they
reach to the top of the screen (I'm speaking of moving
them using alt+mouse). This causes some problems, e.g.
with mozilla preferences menu, you cannot press the OK

3- Nautilus and other programs do not remember their
previous size! For me who always prefer to be
maximaized, it is troublesome.

4- I see that nautilus uses the same policy as
konqueror for identifying the file-types: The browser
appoints the file-type only when there is no
extension. Without any extension, the browser shows
the correct type, while with presence of an extension,
it follows it. But there is something in konqueror
that I wish nautilus would include: When konqueror
finds a mismatch between extension and the real
content, adds a line in the file-properties tab which
shows the actual content... may have you noticed it

5- Still the size of folders isn't shown in
properties! The philosophy behind it is being a
different browser? Or being simple? That is good, but
not to the expense of being useless.

And finally, you understand that I'm not discribing
all gnome's specifications including faults and
virtues; Rather, I'm discussing only some
imperfections. With the insight that it is unnecessary
to mention improvements made in any new version, you
don't think that I am bashing the project.
I believe this is unnecessary to state that I love
gnome and my criticism is for making my favourite
desktop better. But I have to add such sentences
because there are always people who wait for a flame
war and turn the thread off from its topic. Even
though I don't mind flames, I wish the main subject be
discussed well.

If any of the above issues is wrong, please guide me
to adjust the right settings, else, please guide me
how to report them as bugs or wishes to developers.

There is also a question:
- Are both KDE and Gnome to use the same folder as
their desktop (i.e. ~/.Desktop)? If so, It is very
good IMHO.

Thank you for your notice,
Bahram Alinezhad,
Registered linux user #375283 (
Rudehen, Tehran, Iran.

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